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Our clients rely on us to provide them with the highest level of legal services. We strive to not only meet but to exceed their expectations. Here is what a few of them have to say about us.


Choosing Mulinazzi Law Office was the best decision I have ever made. And Shannon Kowitz has gone above and beyond all I could have expected in helping navigate me through a very nasty divorce. She is gracious with her time and is respectful all the time. She explains process and works diligently to represent me to hopefully a fair outcome. I think I have worked at some point with most of the people in the firm. A special thanks to Laura Yost, Kim and to Thomas himself. They really do care and when you hire one…I feel as if you are hiring them all. Shannon works tirelessly and really cares. I may have lost my sanity if not for her….so thank you Shannon and the entire firm. If you are looking for a true family law group…this should be your last stop.


Thomas Mulinazzi Law Firm has been absolutely stellar in representing me during an extremely challenging, difficult, and upsetting time in my life.  From the first time I met Thomas, I knew I was in good hands.  He was thorough in his observations and information and made me feel confident  he would handle everything in fine manner for me.  Subsequent phone calls and emails bore this out.  He eventually brought Kim Sorensen into my case.  She was thorough, precise, did some extra complicated research for me, was always prompt with phone calls and emails, explained everything in detail, anticipated events I did not know were to come and prepared me for them, was lovely and thoughtful in every way,  and also kept a sense of humor when it seemed that was what I needed.  I may highly recommend Mulinazzi Law Firm to anyone.  They were also reasonable with fees.

Avvo Client

Mr. Mulinazzi did an excellent job mediating between my husband and I. He used humor when it got tense. His knowledge of and respect for different cultures and religions was evident. He was fair and knows how to ask the right questions and make the right suggestions. I 100% recommend using his services as a mediator before going to court.


I have been meaning to send this email for the past ten days but we have been very slow due to the euphoric aftermath of having his case come to a successful conclusion. A BIG thanks to both of you as it would not have been possible without you. Thank you for being my brother’s attorneys. The "dream team" I eluded to during our conversations was not an exaggeration nor a metaphor. As in life, there are many things that could have gone either way, but one thing that DID go the right way was being so lucky to have you represent Aasim. We want to thank Shannon for her extraordinary skill at the courtroom; she did not get distracted by insignificant details and had her sight on the outcome. She effortlessly kept her eyes on the ball and advanced it forward with every question, leaving very little room for any back treading by the other side. Her kindness and compassion while meeting with us throughout the course of his case not only gave us hope but also great comfort that was much needed and priceless. We also want to thank Thomas. It was a very lucky day for us when we first walked to your office late that evening and had you stay with us until 6:30 PM. Having to find and judge who is an excellent attorney from the average others could be a very tricky task, especially for us with no prior experience in this matter. We had very little time and too much pressure to make a good decision with the court date looming before we got it postponed. As we walked out of the closed office with you on that late evening, we had a sigh of relief. We knew that we “scored”! Your experience and wit in the meetings  made the trialing routine a pleasure, and yes, Aasim will take your advice and prepare meals home (can’t promise when though! J). We are so fortunate that you agreed to take our case and we are glad to have met you and Shannon. Thank you both, thank you, thank you, thank you! Much love, respect and admiration! /s/ A.N., Baltimore County divorce and custody litigant

T.S. Howard County

I will not say the divorce proceedings were fun (I never expected them to be); however, I appreciate the decency and consideration you showed towards me throughout the court proceedings. Despite the fact that we were on opposite sides I never wondered why my husband chose you or how you received the awards/accolades that you have; it is apparent in the skill you display in the courtroom.

Avvo Client

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Thomas was appointed by the court to represent my daughter in my child custody case. I was nervous given the fact that I had no say in who was going to represent my child but I believe the court did a good job in selecting the right attorney for my daughter. It is hard for any parent knowing that another adult other than your child's parents is going to speak for them. Thomas has been very straightforward, honest and professional. He has proven to me that he does have my daughter's best interest at heart.


Thank YOU so much! Moving onward and upward! Everything is New now:) I am smiling BIG and feeling much more relaxed thanks to you and your guidance in getting me here. You look at the whole picture and see things for what they are and still you have a big heart in the world of the law…that is Impressive! You will be the very first person I call if I ever need legal assistance again and I will and have been referring people to you. Time for happy hour! Thanks, thanks , thanks…….

Avvo Client

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You are the only one I know who can make opening a bill of this size a pleasurable experience. Thanks for the kind words and taking care of my family!

Avvo Client

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Thomas is one of the best lawyers I have ever dealt with. He is truthful in all things. When you go to court you will know what you have going for you and what's going against you. He does not make promises he cannot keep. If you want an honest lawyer that definitely knows what he's doing then he's your guy. We knew exactly what to expect so there were no surprises. Thankfully due to his hard work our outcome was favorable and my daughter retained custody.


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I am in the middle of an extremely high conflict divorce in Howard County. Thomas has been with me every step of the way always ensuring that I am well informed and advised. I can not think of another attorney you would want to guide you though what is one of the most difficult times in a persons life. There are so many laws and details that I was oblivious to but with Thomas's excellent communication, years of experience and responsiveness you can rest assure that you are in great hands. He and his office go above and beyond the call of duty. Thomas truly enjoys getting to know his clients and helping to make a difference in their life for the better. My case is still ongoing but I can say without a doubt I highly recommend him. He is always on time for appointments, very direct and doesn't waste time he gets right to the point, he is exceptionally skilled when working with cases that involve family violence. His staff is wonderful and outstanding. Bottom line Thomas is an exquisite attorney.

Chad & Patricia

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Thomas Mulinazzi has provided the best legal representation for our family in multiple matters, particularly family law. He has always had our child's best interests at the forefront of his legal course; he is knowledgeable, efficient, affordable and an excellent attorney overall.


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From the 1st time I met Thomas Mulinazzi (2010) until my most recent contact with Thomas (11/2014) I can honestly say I have developed a relationship for life. This law firm is knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive and goes the extra mile to present every aspect of a case, leaving no stone unturned. Keep in mind communication is a two way street and by keeping each other informed you can move mountains. Thank you to the entire staff!!!!!


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Thomas handled my divorce 2 years ago. I can't say enough about him. He was professional, accessible and knowledgable. He guided me through a very difficult period of my life. He was very patient in answering my many questions and he always provided several alternatives. He carefully presented the pros and cons of each issue, always encouraging me to make the decision.


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Thomas is a thorough, highly skilled attorney. He has helped me successfully navigate through a very difficult divorce and custody case.


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Thomas is an Awesome Attorney full of Integrity at the highest & best level. When I became faced with an unfair & challenging situation, Thomas provided comfort with his quick actions, clarity of the processes involved and visions of the future; the Whole picture. Thomas Mulinazzi and his firm are one of a kind.


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I hold Mr. Mulinazzi, and his legal services in the highest regard. I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance! Hiring him to represent me during my divorce case was one of the best decisions I've made. He was the ultimate professional during the process, easy to work with, and helped me achieve all the results I was hoping for!


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Thomas is an excellent attorney. His subject matter expertise is an investment I'd recommend to anyone looking for an intelligent and skilled family lawyer. His direct knowledge the system, the opposition, and the judges is a valuable resource to those who would otherwise find themselves facing a number of unknowns. He is able to quickly identify with the client's situation, develop a plan, and act on it accordingly. He is confident, direct, and ultimately provides the guidance needed to make the best decisions. It also doesn't hurt that he wins.

Abigail, a Divorce client

Mr. Mulinazzi has a wealth of knowledge about family law. He has been understanding and explains everything every step of the way during the process of obtaining my divorce. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of his services.

David, a Divorce client

Unfortunately I met a lot of crooked lawyers during my divorce. Thomas Mulinazzi was not only honest, he did more than he was asked to do often way beyond normal hours. His kindness and understanding helped me and my 2 sons get through a mess. Also, my ex-wife lied to a judge saying that I beat her and was a danger to my children. Mr. Mulinazzi came up with a great idea that showed she was lying....otherwise I would not be able to be with my kids.

Joe D, a Divorce client

Mr. Mulinazzi is up- front and to the point. Don't ever mis-lead him though and make sure you tell him all the facts that you know. He represented my family and brought it all together. I keep in touch with Mr. Mulinazzi.

Brian, a Family client

Thomas did the almost impossible for me. As a Father in Maryland, a state lacking true family laws, Thomas got me full custody of my son. I fought hard for almost 3 years with another law firm before firing them and hiring Thomas. Within 6 months I had full custody of my son. Everyone told me I was living a pipe dream thinking I was going to get full custody, but Thomas. His legal expertise, knowledge of the law, and dedication to my case was unmatched by any in my opinion. Thomas cared that my son was in a bad situation, and as a family man himself, worked tirelessly to get him out of it and into my new wife and I's loving arms. Thomas has been our family attorney for almost 4 years now and will continue to be for my lifetime. He checks in on how my family is periodically, as he truly cares about family. All of this seems like it would cost an arm and a leg, however, Thomas' prices are extremely reasonable and a lot less then what I expected to pay for such great service. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues who have also utilized his services with great satisfaction. I cannot say enough great things about Thomas as a lawyer and person to do justice for the man. He will always hold a special place in my family as the man who brought us together.

Heather, a Child Support client

I have worked with Thomas several times over the past 4 years. He has advised me on a support and custody agreement and helped me understand and create the best possible parenting solution. I have appreciated his honesty and willingness to get this accomplished for my family.

A Divorce client

Thomas is a very caring, responsible attorney. He was always very responsive to my needs as a client and offered valuable insight and suggestions as we went through the divorce process. If you are thinking about divorce, make sure you get an attorney who will LISTEN and CARE about YOU! Thomas is an advocate of his clients in every way. I highly recommend him and am grateful for all he did for me during a very difficult, highly emotional time of my life.

Rachel, a Child Custody client

I was a client of Thomas E. Mulinazzi within the last year. I think that he is very highly knowledgeable , professional and trustworthy. He kept me informed every step of the way during my custody and child support cases earlier this year. He remain extremely professional during the most difficult phrase of my case. He even kept me sane when I was going insane. As a result of his performance, I have recommended him to several of my co-workers and friends who is going throught the same situation.

Gene, a Child Custody client

Mr. Mulinazzi was instrumental in keeping my rights open for me to see my child. He could see that convincing me to do something that I thought I did not want to do (supporvised visits) would help me so very much later on. Mr. Mulinazzi has done a great job for me and he still does. He knows the law and he has the logic to make the right things happen for his clients. He has helped me with my choices and continues to assist and advise when he thinks other choices are better for me. Thank you so very much. I will stay with him as long as needed.

Diana, a Family client

As a fellow attorney, I have had the opportunity to oppose Thomas in a few cases. I have found him to be very pleasant to deal with, while he fiercely advocates for his client. I would highly recommend himto any potential clients, and look forward to working with him on future cases.

Daryl, a Child Custody client

Mr. Mulinazzi helped us in defending against two custody suits (both from Dad) While no lawsuit is ever enjoyable, working with Mr Mulinazzi was. He worked diligently to our cause, and was always prompt, accurate and worked to minimize our expenses. His knowledge of law, the 'system' and likely responses were amazingly accurate.

B.J., a Child Support client

After having less than stellar experiences with other attorneys, Thomas Mulinazzi provided the most professional and honest representation. He is extremely knowledgeable and provides you the guidance to make you comfortable throughout the entire process. Thomas was my consultant for a Child Support reduction case and it went extremely well.

Tash, a Divorce client

Divorce is never, and frankly, ought not be a simple and painless process. Whom one relies upon during such devastation, however, should be abundantly enabled to address every issue and swiftly make sense of the process, however insane and tawdry. Throughout the worst season of my life, Thomas was a rock of sound knowledge, clear thinking and honesty. I can't say that he'll have the very shirt off his back to give everyone, but in my time of disparagement, he came just about that close. As thorough as he is genuine, and as pure of heart as he is knowledgeable, Thomas is truly a one of a kind. I highly recommend his services in collaborative law and in matters of separation/divorce. Should one need such services, and I deeply hope you never do, I suggest reading up on the process and then schedule a consultation with this man first.

Ericka, a Divorce client

Mr Mulinazzi is currently handling a divorce and custody case for me. He has been an excellent attorney since the beginning of my case and I am confident that he will continue to work in the best interset of me and my children.

Ashley, a Divorce client

Mr. Mulinazzi is very knowledgeable, professional, & personable. He always kept me informed of everything that was going on in my case. Anytime I had a question or concern, he responded to it right away. He presented the evidence & facts in my case very effectively & we were successful in winning my divorce case. I'm very grateful that I had him to represent me.

EW, a Divorce client

I found Thomas Mulinazzi to be extremely professional and well informed on divorce law. He is empathetic and fair minded. Thomas explains options timely and thoroughly. He is an excellent advocate and I found him to be succinct in his communication.

A Divorce client

Thomas has the ability to keep one focused on the issues @ hand. I've learned in a very short time that if he's not "excited" about something,then neither should the client be. He is straight forward,which is what one needs during this difficult process. His associates are just as professional & caring as he.I feel extremely blessed to have Thomas Mulinazzi as my attorney,because not only am I confident he will go above & beyond,but also able to "handle" all my emotional outbursts;which unfortunately come with this process.

Wesley, a Child Custody client

I was very pleased and impressed with the way Mr. Mulinazzi and his office efficiently handled our case. Because of him, I was able to win the custody battle and now I have sole and physical custody of my son. I am a male and it's very hard to try and gain custody of one's child, but with his assistance, he truly made my dream a realization! I live in Florida and my case was opened in Baltimore, which made this case even more challenging. I was able to communicate with him via emails, texts, fax and phone, and in return, I saved alot of money on travel expenses because I only had to fly out for the court hearing. He really cares about his clients and it shows through his dillegence.

A Child Custody client

Mr. Mulinazzi did an outstanding job with my child custody case. I would highly recommend him.