Collaborative Divorce


Using the Collaborative Process to Create Solutions to Family Conflict

Separation and Divorce can create havoc in a family, but spouses can choose to participate in the collaborative divorce process which reduces the stress and acrimony. At the Mulinazzi Law Office, we encourage our clients to use collaborative law to find solutions that effectively solve their concerns without the extreme financial and emotional cost of litigation. We work with clients throughout Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and the surrounding areas. Contact our attorneys online or call 410-290-6270 to schedule your appointment.

Understanding Collaborative Law

In collaborative law, your lawyer is your advocate, but in the process everyone works together as a team to create solutions that achieve common goals for the family. Mental health professionals are usually part of the team and they assist both spouses to work through the emotional fog to see positive solutions. The process is flexible in its services, timeline, and solutions and creates possibilities that the Court does not have the authority to do. The process is discreet and respectful and keeps you out of Court. In fact, each party and attorney signs a contract prohibiting their lawyers from taking the dispute to court; this eliminates posturing and rewards honesty. As a result, clients save time and money.

Working for Everyone’s Best Interest

The Collaborative divorce process allows everyone’s concerns to be heard in a respectful and safe setting and creates solutions to allay those concerns. The collaborative process does not allow either side to bully, control, or draw lines in the sand. Instead, with the help of their lawyers and other collaborative professionals both sides are equals and all team members are committed to the common goals identified by the clients. Attorney Mulinazzi is a Certified Collaborative Law Professional, having completed the Collaborative and Advanced Team Collaborative Training.¬†Contact our firm online or call¬†410-290-6270 to schedule your appointment with an experienced lawyer.

Types of Divorce in Maryland

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