Custody, Visitation and Child Support

Maryland Child Support and Child Custody Lawyers

Even when parents no longer want to be together, a father’s and a mother’s obligations and right to love and support his/her child does not end.

In addition, just because a marriage or relationship is ending, that rarely means that one parent will be shut out completely from a child’s life. At the Mulinazzi Law Office, we work with clients throughout Columbia, Odenton, Ellicott City and the surrounding areas to create child support and child custody arrangements that benefit all sides. Contact our firm or call 410-290-6270 to schedule your appointment with an understanding and experienced child custody lawyer.

Working Towards the Child’s Best Interest

The most important aspect of child custody is determining an access schedule that is in the best interests of the child, while also taking into consideration both parents’ rights. When child custody arrangements are being decided, the court considers two types of custody:

  • Physical custody: Physical custody refers to where the child lays his or her head at night. It is important to know that, absent extreme circumstances, both parents will share time with the child(ren) and in many cases some type of shared physical custody arrangement may be best for the child.
  • Legal custody: Legal custody determines who will be responsible for making the important decisions in the child’s life. This includes decisions regarding education, medical treatment and religion.

As long as both parents have acted responsibly in their role are parents, the court prefers to keep both parents involved in raising the child. While physical and legal custody are not always divided 50/50, we help our clients protect their rights and their time with their children.

Avoiding Unnecessary (and Expensive) Fights

Many fights that erupt in family law cases can lead to costly and time-consuming court battles. Unfortunately, even when these cases are taken to court, the solution handed down by the judge is rarely one that makes everyone happy. Our attorneys work closely with clients and the opposing party to create solutions that take the parents and children’s best interest into account.

Determining Child Support

In Maryland, child support is determined by formulaic guidelines. The formula considers several variables, including the gross income of both parents, the cost of the child’s health insurance, the cost of work-related day care, private school tuition (when applicable) and extraordinary medical expenses.

We communicate extensively with our clients throughout the process, telling them what to expect at each legal intersection. If you are trying to arrange a custody or visitation schedule or a fair child support determination, contact our firm online or call 410-290-6270. We will protect your parenting rights and work with you to create a healthy plan for your children.