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How do I file a contempt of court order in Maryland? The father is refusing all visits yet order states two (2) weekends a month.

With exception to Child support, my sons father has ignored everthing in the court order that has been in place since 2001.


Your statement mentions that the father has ignored everything in the court order. If this is so then can file a petition for contempt and be able to articulate what you want the Court to do. If the father hasn’t paid child support you have other options such asking for an earnings withholding order or setting up an account with the office of child support enforcement.

However, if your main frustration with the father is that he is not visiting with your child, then it is important to note that the Court cannot make him spend with his child. While it is a very sad situation where a father doesn’t want to spend time with the child, it is not legally contemptuous behavior on his part.

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