Loan Modifications

A loan modification is a restructured agreement between the borrower and mortgage lender with revised terms and interest rates. Mortgage loan modifications are long-term solutions for borrowers who are considering a foreclosure or bankruptcy. Banks typically agree to modify a mortgage note when they believe the borrower does not have a realistic chance to repay the current loan with their existing circumstances. Loan modifications are primarily used as a tool to stop a looming foreclosure.  Banks are the only ones who can determine if you qualify for a loan modification but using an attorney helps to expedite and facilitate the process.

At the Mulinazzi Law Office, we review your financial information and let you know of all your options in staving off a foreclosure.  We negotiate with the bank on your behalf to get a loan modification with terms that are as favorable to you as possible.  We are also very sensitive to the fact that our clients are going through a difficult time financially.  We keep you apprised of how the retainer is being spent bi-weekly and only work on your case to the extent necessary to get you a loan modification.

If you want to work with an attorney who will negotiate with your bank to try to get a loan modification while watching your bottom line, contact our firm online or call 410-290-6270 to schedule your appointment.