Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is a vehicle which enables you and your spouse to decide the terms of your separation and divorce.  This method of resolving your disputes is quicker and less expensive than Court.  Further, it is less acrimonious than fighting in Court.

A Separation Agreement is a formal signed agreement between you and your spouse that settles all the issues associated with your marriage and renders your case uncontested.  Once a Separation Agreement is signed, and assuming that you have been separated for 10-12 months, one spouse can file for an uncontested divorce in Court and the case will be resolved quickly.

If you feel you and your spouse are able to work together, compromise, and come to these agreements without going to court, then the attorneys at the Mulinazzi Law Office will consult with you to ensure that you have the information and guidance you need.  Once the terms of your agreements are identified, our attorneys will draft an Agreement that will tie up all loose ends, stand up in Court if there is a question about the terms, and accurately articulate what you and your spouse intended.

Therefore, the Separation Agreements we draft take into account all issues, including custody, detailed visitation schedules, alimony, payment of joint bills, what to do with the marital home, federal and state taxes, all real and personal property (financial accounts, furniture, cars, etc.), and all issues involving the maintenance of the children to include child support, health insurance, college expenses, and extracurricular expenses.

It is important to note that one attorney cannot represent you and your spouse and the other side must have an opportunity to have his/her own attorney review the agreement before signing it.  This is true even if a mediator or other third party neutral drafted the Agreement.  As such, if your spouse’s attorney (or a mediator) drafted the Separation Agreement we are also available to review the Agreement with you, answer any questions you have, and assist you in making any changes or clarifying the obligations under the Agreement.

If you want to work with an attorney who understands all the nuances in drafting a concise separation agreement, contact our firm online or call 410-290-6270 to schedule your appointment.